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From one room to your entire home, we are here to help design the space(s) you desire. Or do you just need us to research a product or list of products that you are already interested in? We are here to help. Below is our pricing per service. Please contact us with further questions or inquiries.

PHONE CONSULTATION – $100 per hour

Just have a simple question for the design team? Our Phone Consult includes gathering information based on your needs, researching your interests and providing you with the information you are seeking, along with product ideas.

IN-HOME CONSUTATION – $150 for the first 2-HOURS and
$150 for each additional hour in your home. (Timing varies on the amount of rooms worked on.)

Consult includes gathering pertinent information about your room or home; including photos, measurements and samples (of current furniture, wall colors or fabrics). We will also gather information based on your overall needs and ideas.


Following the in-home consultation, the design team will review all information gathered and work together to create a room layout and idea board; including drawings, photos and samples. You will then be asked to visit the design studio to observe your room/home design presentation. Once the presentation is done, you are welcome to log out your design book for a $250 fee. Once products are purchased, you will have a $250 credit towards your purchase.


Do you have all the furniture you need, but need decorative home interiors to finish a space? Or do you ever walk into a room and the overall layout just doesn’t feel right? Our design team is here to alleviate that stress. We offer home staging and space planning to help you properly place furniture, lighting, rugs, home accessories and more.

Need help with an Event or Holiday Designs? CLICK HERE for more information. 


Thinking of having us observe your entire home, but just want to do one room at a time? No problem. One great benefit of gathering information about your home at once is that we keep your design book and information on file. So if you decide to work on a room at random, we already know where to begin!