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Julie Davis-Gerard

Julie Davis-Gerard’s favorite phrase is : “Yes, we can do that!” She brings a light-hearted and collaborative approach, which allows her to manage both your project and Beyond The Mill’s business with ease.

Julie’s academics began at The University of Wisconsin and continue today with Design & Style credits annually from ASID, IFDA and ADAC. Having more than 26 years of design experience, Julie creates warm, stylish and inviting spaces for her clients’ homes. Her broad range of expertise – from furniture design and interior layout to project management and unique accessories – all combine to bring her distinctive design ideas to life.

As owner of the Beyond The Mill Studio Design, Julie’s knowledge of industry trends and specialty vendors allow her to bring an exciting blend of coziness, functionality and sophistication to every project that is custom tailored to the client’s own sensibility and style.  A testimony to her ability to blend small town warmth with worldly elegance and refinement can be seen in her list of satisfied customers stretching from Florida to Georgetown to Martha’s Vineyard.

Norma Garcia

Norma is originally from Venezuela, where she obtained a law degree. After moving to the US over 17 years ago, Norma earned a master’s degree at Duke University. Dedicating herself since then to home and family, Norma is now pursuing her lifelong love of home furnishing & design.

With her naturally sunny disposition and positive approach to client satisfaction, Norma is quickly becoming a customer favorite. She listens very carefully to clients, helping them to achieve the beautiful, comfortable and very personalized spaces they desire.

Having lived in Venezuela, Canada, and US, Norma has developed an eclectic, relaxed, yet cosmopolitan and elegant sense of design.


Krysta Solomon

Krysta graduated from George Mason University with her Bachelor of Science in Psychology. While in college and shortly after, Krysta was a full-time nanny and for two years after, she taught Preschool.

After teaching, Krysta joined the Beyond The Mill Design Team to start a fresh new beginning and exercise her ability to be creative. Growing up she lived in a home of style and of ever changing layouts. Seeing a home change early in life makes it easy to see that change for clients. She loves her freedom to create, design and help others with their design visions. Krysta’s favorite part of design is creating something for a customer and watching it come to life. Krysta enjoys creating outside of work as well. From painting to creating hair accessories for children, she finds a relaxing outlet in being creative.

Krysta’s décor style is very rustic-industrial. She enjoys décor with wood & metal surfaces and repurposing different materials in her own home, as well as others.

Kelsey Hutton

Kelsey is currently studying Interior Design at Virginia Tech. She recently joined the Beyond the Mill Design Team as the Design Intern. Kelsey is originally from the northern Virginia area and she is excited to have the opportunity to spend her summer break gaining experience in the interior design field. Her passion and appreciation for interior design started at a young age and she continues to learn new things everyday through inspirational spaces and real-life experiences. Kelsey’s favorite part of the design process is the initial brainstorming sketches, diagrams and conversations that set the formation for the rest of the design package.

Hart Asbury

Hart is a great addition to the Beyond The Mill Team! She is always there to help and lend a hand to the design process or keep things in order. Retired and living in Northern Virginia – She may be part time, but Hart is our fun time fashionista.